Monday, May 08, 2006

An Unsealed Room

Lilium Candidum

A flower developed in Israel has aroused excitement and interest at the Vatican, which will soon be receiving a very special bouquet, specially delivered from Beersheva.

The "Madonna Lily"(Lilium Candidum) is a rare white Easter lily that Israeli agriculture and biologist have successfully managed, for the first time, to prepare for flowering in time for Easter. A team of horticulturists at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev were able to coax the bulb to flower two months earlier than its natural schedule, using modern agrotechnical methods.

The horticultural team headed by Dr. Michele Zaccai has been growing the flower bulbs under special greenhouse conditions in order to speed up its flowering before the period of special interest to the Christian world. Normally, the flower only blossoms from May to June - too late for the Annunciation and Easter celebrations.

The unique white lily which grows naturally in Israel, is an endangered species. It grows at two sites, in the Galilee and the Carmel, which constitutes its most southern natural territory.

This beautiful flower is grown in other parts of the world. But Madonna Lily is distinct from the flowers known as the "Easter Lily" (Lilium Longiflorum) whose origin is in Japan and is more common in the flower markets today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Mexico, the Spanish word equivalent to Madonna Lily (Azucena)is a female name. Not a very common name nowadays, but it's not an extravagant name either.
Since May 2010 I've been intensely, altough hopelessly, in love with a young woman that bears the name. In fact she is kind of a dead ringer to the model for Mary in Rossetti's Ecce Ancilla Domini, but with a slightly darker hair. She's a starkly earnest woman,very feminine, very kind, mousy and lean,from a deeply religious family.(I've just read the model of the painting is Christina Rossetti, but with her hair altered, that's interesting.)
These couple of years your blog has been both a fuel and and a place of relief from this, I must say, smouldering passion.
Since March 2011, she's out of my life, I've just seen her twice in this period of time. I've done my share to forget her. But this dreaded day I can't help to remember her vividly, and painfully. Your blog is the closest I can be of her today.
So, thanks. I really thank you for your effort in putting up this excellent blog for Madonna Lily lovers.

2:21 PM  

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