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Fleur des lis

The English translation of Fleur des lis, sometimes spelled "Fleur de lys" is flower of the lily.

Standard heraldic histories claim it originated in the 10th century as a symbol of sovereignty. It is believed to take the shape of a lily and to symbolize Mary and the Holy Trinity among other things.

This symbol depicting a stylized lily has many meanings. Traditionally it was used to represent French Royalty and in that sense it is said to signify perfection, light and life. A symbolic of Davidic descent.

Baptism of King Clovis
On Christmas day in this year, King Clovis and his warriors, about 3,000 of them, were Baptized at Rheims, France by the Bishop. The whole nation became Catholic, and France is called for the first time, "The Eldest Daughter of the Church" in Europe

Fleur de lis' origins with the French monarchs stems from the baptismal lily used in the crowning of King Clovis I. A legend claims that an angel presented Clovis the Merovignian King of the Franks with a Golden lily as a symbol of his purification upon his conversion to Christianity. Others claim that Clovis adopted the symbol when water lilies showed him how to safetly cross a river and thus succeed in battle.

King Clovis

To further enchance its mystique, more legends eventually sprang up that a vial of oil descended from heaven to anoint and sactify Clovis as King. The thus "anointed" Kings of France later maintained that their authority was direct from God, without the mediation of either the Emperor or the Pope.

Other legends claim that even the lily itself appeared at the baptismal ceremony as a gift of blessing in an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

King of Gaul, ancestor of Clovis, whose mythical arms Azure three toads were changed upon his conversion to Azure three fleurs-de-lys. French Arthurian legends make Pharamon a contemporary of Uterpendragon and a knight of the Round Table.

For centuries lily was depicted as a symbol of Mary and the Catholic Church. During which the Church's power grew immensely. Clovis having converted to Christianity chose the same flower as a symbol and through the legends he could lay his claim to Fleur de lis, hoping it would bring him as much power it had brought the Church.

Some historians claim that the symbol is found much further back in history- as far back as Assyrian ornamental design. They say it is also seen on Greek, Roman and Celtic heritage. In reality those symbols depicting a Fleur de lis are actually are impressions of the flower itself, the Lily.

There are many other claims, stating that Fleur de lis actually originated as a stylized bee, or a stylized frog. It is also symbolic of Yoni and a French variation of the cross which is an alchemical symbol.

Fleur de lis is usually depicted blue the traditional color of truth and also the heavenly one.

One explanation include the shape having been developed from the image of a dove descending, which is the symbol of the Holy Ghost.

In Egypt it was also the attribute of the god of Horus


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